Jenkins 2.264+: Major changes in the weekly release line

Recently we have selected Jenkins 2.263 as a new baseline for the LTS release line, with ETA in December 2020. It allows delivering significant and in some cases breaking changes which have been previously on hold. Beginning with the Jenkins 2.264 release on October 27, 2020, we’ve entered a period where the Jenkins weekly releases Read more about Jenkins 2.264+: Major changes in the weekly release line[…]

Spring and XStream updates (breaking changes!)

Cleaning up technical debt is a perennial topic among Jenkins core developers, and one of the most visible issues is the use of obsolete and/or forked third-party libraries. In a world where Dependabot is offering updates to libraries released just hours before, it is unpleasant to be working with dependencies that are many years old. Read more about Spring and XStream updates (breaking changes!)[…]


I am happy to report that JEP-222 has landed in Jenkins weeklies, starting in 2.217. This improvement brings experimental WebSocket support to Jenkins, available when connecting inbound agents or when running the CLI. The WebSocket protocol allows bidirectional, streaming communication over an HTTP(S) port. While many users of Jenkins could benefit, implementing this system was Read more about WebSocket[…]

First successful use of Jenkins telemetry

Half a year ago we delivered a security fix for Jenkins that had the potential to break the entire Jenkins UI. We needed to change how Jenkins, through the Stapler web framework, handled HTTP requests, tightening the rules around what requests would be processed by Jenkins. In the six months since, we didn’t receive notable Read more about First successful use of Jenkins telemetry[…]

Let’s celebrate Java 11 Support on Jenkins

This is a joint blog post prepared by the Java 11 Support Team: Adrien Lecharpentier, Ashton Treadway, Baptiste Mathus, Jenn Briden, Kevin Earls, María Isabel Vilacides, Mark Waite, Ramón León and Oleg Nenashev. We have worked hard for this and it’s now here. We are thrilled to announce full support for Java 11 in Jenkins Read more about Let’s celebrate Java 11 Support on Jenkins[…]

Remoting-based CLI removed from Jenkins

Close to two years ago, we announced in New, safer CLI in 2.54 that the traditional “Remoting” operation mode of the Jenkins command-line interface was being deprecated for a variety of reasons, especially its very poor security record. Today in Jenkins 2.165 support for this mode is finally being removed altogether, in both the server Read more about Remoting-based CLI removed from Jenkins[…]

Java 11 Support Preview is available in Jenkins 2.155+

This is a joint blogpost prepared by the Java 11 Support Team. On Dec 18 (4PM UTC) we will be also presenting the Java 11 Preview Support at the Jenkins Online Meetup (link) Jenkins, one of the leading open-source automation servers, still supports only Java 8. On September 25 OpenJDK 11 was released. This is Read more about Java 11 Support Preview is available in Jenkins 2.155+[…]

Important security updates for Jenkins

We just released security updates to Jenkins, versions 2.146 and 2.138.2, that fix multiple security vulnerabilities. For an overview of what was fixed, see the security advisory. For an overview on the possible impact of these changes on upgrading Jenkins LTS, see our LTS upgrade guide. Further improvements In addition to the security fixes listed Read more about Important security updates for Jenkins[…]