GSoC CDF Meetup: Google Summer of Code Midterm Demos

Congratulations to all GSoC students who have made it through the first half of the GSoC 2021 coding phase! This year, the Jenkins project has been participating in GSoC as part of the Continuous Delivery Foundation’s GSoC org. To celebrate our GSoC students and the fantastic work they have been doing, the CDF is hosting Read more about GSoC CDF Meetup: Google Summer of Code Midterm Demos[…]

Jenkins IRC moves to Libera Chat

We are happy to announce that the Jenkins community has moved all its official IRC channels to Libera chat. We have started our migration on May 26 as a response to the hostile takeover of hundreds of open source community channel by the new Freenode management. As decided by the Jenkins governance meeting on June Read more about Jenkins IRC moves to Libera Chat[…]

New eBook: Jenkins is the Way for IT and software developers

A little over a year ago, we launched, a website whose sole purpose is to share Jenkins user stories with the developers and engineers in our community. Over a hundred of you have already shared your innovations, and they just keep coming. It comes as no surprise that many of the submitted stories are Read more about New eBook: Jenkins is the Way for IT and software developers[…]

Ansible Community Steering Committee

As we all know, Ansible is a well-adapted tool for the end-to-end automation of IT infrastructures. At the same time, due to the addition of new features and developments within the project, the Ansible community is growing at an accelerated rate. To help structure the project and also to facilitate the change in direction, we Read more about Ansible Community Steering Committee[…]

Jenkins Contributor Awards – Nominations Open

This year, the Jenkins Contributor Awards will be run by the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) along with many other CDF Community Awards. The nominations are currently open and are being accepted using GitHub issues to make the process more transparent. Any contributor is eligible this time around! The deadline to nominate someone is April 30, Read more about Jenkins Contributor Awards – Nominations Open[…]

Welcome the SheCodeAfrica Contributhon participants!

The SheCodeAfrica Contributhon started April 1, 2021. The SheCodeAfrica Contributhon is a boot camp where African women are paid to work with open source organizations on selected projects with dedicated mentors. This program aims to create a more diverse, inclusive, and innovative culture within the African open source ecosystem by matching African women in technology Read more about Welcome the SheCodeAfrica Contributhon participants![…]

Welcome Ewelina Wilkosz – new Jenkins Governance Board member

We would like to announce changes in the Jenkins Governance Board. As it was announced earlier this month, Marky Jackson has decided to step down from his elected roles. On behalf of the Jenkins community, we would like to thank Marky for all contributions and for the continued participation in the Jenkins community. As an Read more about Welcome Ewelina Wilkosz – new Jenkins Governance Board member[…]

Jenkins accepted in SheCodeAfrica Contributhon

SheCodeAfrica is a non-profit organization focused on celebrating and empowering young girls and women in technology across Africa. They provide resources and events that help women grow and achieve their personal and career goals. Their mentoring programs provide help and guidance as participants learn and grow in their careers. This year, SheCodeAfrica is organizing the Read more about Jenkins accepted in SheCodeAfrica Contributhon[…]

Jenkins accepted in Google Summer Of Code 2021!

On behalf of the Jenkins GSoC org team, I am happy to announce that this year, for the first time, the Jenkins projects will be participating in Google Summer of Code 2021 as part of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) GSoC organization. We’re very excited to have the Jenkins project participate in GSoC as part Read more about Jenkins accepted in Google Summer Of Code 2021![…]