Ansible Contributor Summit, Durham 2023

  The Ansible Contributor Summit is a full day working session for community contributors to interact with one another and meet with the Ansible development teams behind the projects like AWX, Galaxy NG, Molecule, Ansible Lint and Event-Driven Ansible. We will discuss important issues affecting the Ansible Community and help shape the future of collaboration. Read more about Ansible Contributor Summit, Durham 2023[…]

Welcome to the new Ansible Community Forum

Today, we’re delighted to announce the launch of the new Ansible Community Forum – a single starting point for questions and help, development discussions, events, and much more. Everyone is invited, whether you are an Ansible user, contributor or developer, we are all community! Register here to join us!   Hello Discourse! Screenshot of the Read more about Welcome to the new Ansible Community Forum[…]

Ansible Community Day, Berlin 2023

  The Ansible Community Day is a new initiative by the Ansible Community Team at Red Hat to connect with the people using, contributing to, and developing the Ansible project worldwide. This new event complements the Ansible Contributor Summit, to put the users of Ansible in all their shapes and forms front and center. In Read more about Ansible Community Day, Berlin 2023[…]

Ansible data manipulation with a Filter

Background: This year at Summit, an attendee posed a question about how to work with setting facts and changing data in Ansible. Many times we’ve come across people using task after task to manipulate data, to turn items into lists, filter our options, trying to do heavy data manipulation and to turn data from one Read more about Ansible data manipulation with a Filter[…]

Removing Prototype from Jenkins

Summary Usage of the Prototype JavaScript framework has been deprecated in recent versions of Jenkins core and will be removed completely in the future. Plugin developers should prepare for this transition by removing usages of Prototype and testing with Prototype removed. Motivation Prototype was created by Sam Stephenson in February 2005 as part of Ajax Read more about Removing Prototype from Jenkins[…]

“On your marks, get set, …”

In a couple of days, the Jenkins GSoC 2023 preparation will culminate with our official Organization Application. It is now time to shed some light on what is coming next. Since December 2022, we have actively prepared the Jenkins project for the 2023 edition of Google Summer of Code (GSoC). This entailed collecting and discussing Read more about “On your marks, get set, …”[…]

Jenkins plugin development requires Java 11 or newer

🚀 Java Platform update Jenkins has required Java 11 or newer since 2.361.1 LTS (released on September 7, 2022) and has supported Java 17 since 2.346.1 LTS (released on June 16, 2022). At the time, more users were running Jenkins on Java 8 than on Java 11, and a negligible number of users were running Read more about Jenkins plugin development requires Java 11 or newer[…]

[GSoC] ‘Tis the Season to Give the Gift of Mentorship

‘Tis the season of gift giving and what better way than to give the gift of mentorship. Jenkins is a big supporter and contributor of programs like Google Summer of Code (GSoC), She Code Africa, and Outreachy. We believe in the value and advancements in helping new, and in many cases under-represented contributors to the Read more about [GSoC] ‘Tis the Season to Give the Gift of Mentorship[…]

GSoC 2023: how to get prepared

We are happy to see a lot of questions on how to prepare efficiently to submit a powerful project submission. This is key to be selected and participate in the coming Google Summer of Code (GSoC). This blog post is addressed to those who ask these questions. First of all, welcome to the Jenkins Community! Read more about GSoC 2023: how to get prepared[…]

Google Summer of Code 2023 Call for Project Ideas and Mentors

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global, online mentoring program focused on introducing students and new contributors to open source software development. GSoC contributors work on a 10-22 weeks programming project with the guidance of mentors from their open source organization. During GSoC, participating contributors are paired with mentors from open source organizations, gaining Read more about Google Summer of Code 2023 Call for Project Ideas and Mentors[…]