On Jenkins Terminology Updates

In 2016, the Jenkins community decided to start removing offensive terminology within the project.
The “slave” term was deprecated in Jenkins 2.0 and replaced by the “agent” term.
Other terminology was slated for review after the cleanup of the “slave” term which was considered as most problematic one.
In 2017, the project began tracking areas for correction.
Work has been done on renaming the SSH build agent plugin as well as gradual removal of offensive naming in services and repositories.
This year, a group of core contributors continued addressing this critical work.

The Advocacy & Outreach SIG met to discuss and prioritize the continued work. The governance board has also met and there will be more information coming regarding removal of offensive terminology.
Last week we took another step towards removing offensive terminology within the project by updating previous blog posts and removing offensive terminology in old blogs, cleaning up some references in Jenkins built-in documetation and localization, etc.
The meeting minutes are available here and a recording of the meeting here
There is more work to do. The core team is working to address terms such as “Master”, “whitelist” and “blacklist” as well addressing git branching terminology.

We could use your help
We continue to do this much needed work and would like to remind everyone that the Jenkins project is governed by the Code of Conduct.

Marky Jackson

Originally posted on Jenkins Blog
Author: markyjackson-taulia

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