Documenting Jenkins on Kubernetes Introduction

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be participating in Google Season of Docs (GSoD) 2020 with the Jenkins project. I started contributing to Jenkins documentation during the technical writer exploration phase for Google Season of Docs 2020 and I must say, my journey so far has been nothing short of amazing majorly because of Read more about Documenting Jenkins on Kubernetes Introduction[…]

On Jenkins Terminology Updates

In 2016, the Jenkins community decided to start removing offensive terminology within the project. The “slave” term was deprecated in Jenkins 2.0 and replaced by the “agent” term. Other terminology was slated for review after the cleanup of the “slave” term which was considered as most problematic one. In 2017, the project began tracking areas Read more about On Jenkins Terminology Updates[…]

Jenkins User Experience Hackfest Documentation Results

Documentation is not glamorous, but it is goodness. — Thomas Otter Jenkins technical documentation is an important part of our project as it is key to using Jenkins well. Good documentation guides users and encourages good implementation choices. It is a crucial part of the user experience. In the recent Jenkins UI/UX hackfest, documentation was Read more about Jenkins User Experience Hackfest Documentation Results[…]

Join us for online UI/UX hackfest on May 25-29!

On behalf of the Jenkins User Experience, Documentation and Advocacy and Outreach special interest groups, we are happy to announce the online UI/UX hackfest on May 25-29! Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of their Jenkins development experience. The goal is to get together and work on improving Jenkins user experience, including but not limited Read more about Join us for online UI/UX hackfest on May 25-29![…]

Plugin Documentation-as-Code: Moving docs to GitHub

In September 2019 we announced support of GitHub as a source of documentation for the Jenkins Plugin Site. Thanks to Zbynek Konecny and Olivier Vernin and other contributors, now it is possible to store plugin documentation right inside plugin repositories instead of Jenkins Wiki which was historically difficult to maintain for plugin maintainers and for Read more about Plugin Documentation-as-Code: Moving docs to GitHub[…]

Jenkins Documentation Special Interest Group

We’re pleased to announce the formation of the Jenkins Documentation Special Interest Group. The Docs SIG encourages contributors and external communities to create and review Jenkins documentation. See the Special Interest Group Overview for more details and plans. How can I help? The Jenkins Documentation SIG would love to have your help with: reviewing and Read more about Jenkins Documentation Special Interest Group[…]