Pipeline-Authoring SIG Update

What is the Pipeline-Authoring Special Interest Group This special interest group aims to improve and curate the experience of authoring Jenkins Pipelines. This includes the syntax of `Jenkinsfile`s and shared libraries, code sharing and reuse, testing of Pipelines and shared libraries, IDE integration and other development tools, documentation, best practices, and examples. What Are The Read more about Pipeline-Authoring SIG Update[…]

Announcement: Ansible Contributor Summit Europe

For the past few years we’ve held a conference specifically for contributors at the same time as AnsibleFest. The additional days brought together existing contributors to the open source Ansible code base and those wanting to get involved. It is with great pleasure that we announce a European Contributor Summit will be held in Gothenburg, Read more about Announcement: Ansible Contributor Summit Europe[…]

Validating JCasC configuration files using Visual Studio Code

Configuration-as-code plugin Problem Statement: Convert the existing schema validation workflow from the current scripting language in the Jenkins Configuration as Code Plugin to a Java based rewrite thereby enhancing its readablity and testability supported by a testing framework for the same. Enhance developer experience by developing a VSCode Plugin to facilitate autocompletion and validation which Read more about Validating JCasC configuration files using Visual Studio Code[…]

Trip to DevOps World | Jenkins World

I had the privilege of being invited to DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019 for presenting the work I did during Google Summer of Code 2019. What follows is a day-by-day summary of an amazing trip to the conference. Day 0: December 1, 2019 I am an undergraduate student from New Delhi, India and had Read more about Trip to DevOps World | Jenkins World[…]

Google Summer of Code 2019 Report

Google Summer of Code is much more than a summer internship program, it is a year-round effort for the organization and some community members. Now, after the DevOps World | Jenkins World conference in Lisbon and final retrospective meetings, we can say that GSoC 2019 is officially over. We would like to start by thanking Read more about Google Summer of Code 2019 Report[…]

Happy New Year! 2019/2020 edition

Jenkins project congratulates all users and contributors with the New Year! Let’s take a look at some changes this year. Highlights We celebrated 15 years of Jenkins We had first ever Governance Board and Officer elections Jenkins project joined the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) We released Java 11 support in Jenkins Jenkins X has graduated Read more about Happy New Year! 2019/2020 edition[…]

Google Summer of Code 2020 call for Project ideas and Mentors

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is as program where students are paid a stipend by Google to work on a free open source project. Students work on the project full-time for four months (May to August). Mentors are actively involved with students starting at the end of February when students start to work on and Read more about Google Summer of Code 2020 call for Project ideas and Mentors[…]

2019 Jenkins Board and Officer Elections Results

The Jenkins community has recently completed the 2019 elections for Board and Officer positions. The call for nominations concluded on Nov 25 and the election results were announced in the developer mailing list on Nov 28. On behalf of the Jenkins community, we congratulate all elected board members and officers! We also thank all contributors Read more about 2019 Jenkins Board and Officer Elections Results[…]