Jenkins 2024 Community Award Winners

cdCon 2024 just wrapped up in Seattle and this included announcing the winners of the Continuous Delivery Foundation and Jenkins Community Awards.
The CD Foundation provides awards for the Top CDF ambassador, contributor, documenter, and end user.
Anyone that is part of the CD Foundation can be nominated for these.
Additionally, as a graduated project, Jenkins has three of its own awards:

  • Most Valuable Jenkins Advocate

  • Most Valuable Jenkins Contributor

  • Jenkins Security MVP

Thanks to everyone who nominated candidates and voted for the awards, these would not be possible without your participation.
Furthermore, thanks to all the nominees for their work in Jenkins.
The project thrives on the work of the community, and the award winners definitely represent this idea.

The 2024 Jenkins award winners are:

imageSecurity MVP: Yaniv Nizry

Yaniv reported two critical vulnerabilities towards the end of 2023 that the security team was able to utilize and publish fixes for.
Yaniv’s reporting, response, and collaboration was exemplary for the Security team in addressing the issues and ensuring the fixes were complete and thoroughly tested.
Without Yaniv’s work, these vulnerabilities could have lingered around longer than we would have liked.
However, thanks to the efforts of both the Jenkins Security team and Yaniv, we were able to address and reassure users of the resolution.

imageMost Valuable Contributor: Stefan Spieker

Stefan has been a fantastic contributor to the Jenkins project and wonderful member of the Jenkins community for quite some time now.
His contributions are numerous and can be felt through the performance and reliability Jenkins provides users.
He has also worked to clean up older/deprecated code warnings, even helping Jenkins get to zero open SpotBugs issues.
Stefan was also recently featured as part of the Contributor Spotlight, providing some further background on who he is and his work in the project.

imageMost Valuable Advocate: Darin Pope

Darin has provided hundreds of video tutorials for Jenkins users, with his Jenkins tutorials playlist on CloudBees TV covering over 300 topics of interest to Jenkins users.
Many of the videos have been included in Jenkins documentation, including Installing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Installing on Microsoft Windows, Why Pipeline?, Extending Pipelines with Shared Libraries, and Pipeline best practices.
Darin is the co-author of the Improve a plugin tutorial for Jenkins maintainers, which has been used to modernize many Jenkins plugins.
Darin also hosts the “What’s new in Jenkins LTS” series that introduces the key features in each Jenkins long term support release.

imageCDF Continuous Enthusiast: Alyssa Tong

Finally, we want to announce that Alyssa Tong has won the CDF Community Award for Continuous Enthusiast.
Alyssa has been attending the CDF Outreach meetings for years and helps drive important initiatives like Google Summer of Code for Jenkins, while also taking the time to share that knowledge with the rest of the CDF community.
Alyssa is always advocating for and supporting the open-source community, representing the enthusiasm for CI/CD that pushes open source and Jenkins forward.

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