Jenkins Elections Announcement

Hello all, voter registration and candidate nominations for the 2022 Jenkins elections are now complete.
Thanks to everyone who registered to vote and to all those who submitted nominations.
Special thanks to the candidates that have accepted the nominations.

As in years past, when a particular role receives only one nomination, an election is not required.
This year, all the board and officer positions are uncontested, with one person nominated to fill each available position.
This announcement shares the candidates and their statements, and serves as an announcement that the candidates have been elected and will begin their service December 3, 2022.

New Board Members

Board Member – Alexander Brandes

I am a Jenkins user, contributor to the Jenkins project, and core maintainer.
I maintain many plugins, and have helped organize Jenkins online meetups, which I also have been part of.
I attend and take part in documentation and user experience office hours frequently.
Previously, I led community initiatives, such as the Jenkins plugin integration with Crowdin and participated in the Java 11 and 17 support campaigns.

I truly believe in Jenkins’ future and would be happy to serve on the Jenkins governance board.
I would like to make Jenkins a great place to contribute, and to get more beginners and regular contributors involved in the community on a regular basis.
Onboarding more individual contributors would be one of my key targets, for example, through Jenkins’ continued participation in Google Summer of Code.

On the technical aspect, I plan to move automatic plugin and component releases forward, and focus on the support and extension of modern technologies, such as Java 17 and beyond.

Affiliations: Student of business science

Board Member – Ullrich Hafner

I have been an active contributor in the Jenkins project since 2007.
Currently, I am the maintainer of several Jenkins plugins, mostly in the area of build result visualization using modern JS based user interfaces: for example, I am the maintainer of the warnings, code coverage and git-forensics plugins as well as several UI related JS wrapper plugins like Bootstrap or ECharts.
I am a member of the Jenkins UX SIG and I was a member of the Jenkins Governance Board during the 2019/2021 term.
I am a professor of Software Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Munich, where I also try to win new Jenkins contributors by letting students develop new features in their student projects and theses.
I am also helping new contributors (and students) in our Jenkins forums or by giving some talks in our Jenkins Meetups.
It would be a pleasure for me to serve again as a member of the governance board.
On the board, I can help the Jenkins project evolve and follow a strict vision that will focus on the needs of the users.

Affiliations: University of Applied Sciences Munich

New Officers

Release Officer – Tim Jacomb

I have been a user of Jenkins for the last 10 years and a regular contributor since 2018.
I began with maintaining the Slack plugin, and over the last couple of years, I have expanded my experience with several more plugins and the Jenkins core.
These are some of the components I maintain when I have time: Slack, Azure Key Vault, Junit, most of the Database plugins, Dark theme, Plugin installation manager, Jenkins Helm chart, and Configuration as code plugin.
I am also a member of the Jenkins infrastructure team, and I was involved in the release automation project and the mirrors modernisation effort, along with the day to day support helping people regain access to accounts etc.
As a Release Officer I would like to increase automation, ease onboarding of new contributors to the release team, and ensure that responsibilities rotate among people so that I wouldn’t be a bottleneck for any task.

Affiliations: Kainos

Events Officer – Alyssa Tong

It has been a privilege for me to be part of the Jenkins community and serve as Events Officer in 2022.
I am honored to serve as Events Officer for another term.
I am passionate about open source, collaboration, and education.
My goal is to build welcoming communities, and coordinating events is part of this role.
More importantly, I strive to bring the community together through events and conferences, so we can share best practices and collaborate for the betterment of the project.

Affiliations: CloudBees

Security Officer – Wadeck Follonier

I joined the Jenkins adventure in 2017, as part of the Jenkins Security team and was coached by Oleg Nenashev and Daniel Beck about how to best contribute to the community effort, especially related to security tasks.
I am working full time at CloudBees, managing two teams, including the security team dedicated to Jenkins.
I was inspired by Daniel’s work in terms of tooling, to create an application helping both the security people and the maintainers through multiple bot commands (in SECURITY tickets and in Hosting request).
During the year as the Security Officer, I spent a good amount of my time onboarding the future experts, finding ways to increase efficiency of the team by left shifting tasks, to reduce the size of our backlog and to put the focus on important tasks.
For the next year, I would like to continue the effort to make Jenkins an even more secure place.
One of the topic that I want to push forward is about the Content Security Policy introduction in the Jenkins ecosystem.

Affiliations: CloudBees

Documentation Officer – Kevin Martens

I am a technical documentation writer, and have been contributing to the Jenkins project consistently over the last seven months.
I helped create the Blue Ocean status statement that is now in the documentation, DevOps World material, and was a mentor for the Jenkins Documentation area of Hacktoberfest 2022.
I have recently been added to the copy-editor team due to my involvement with the Jenkins Documentation SIG and contributions.

I continue to learn by contributing blog posts to Jenkins and the CD Foundation, documentation updates and creation, and screenshot updates.
I have also contributed to recent LTS release changelogs and upgrade guides, and am currently reviewing the weekly release lines.
I review open pull requests, issues, and feedback, so that we can discuss further with the community and work to improve as needed.
I’ve also developed a passion for open source, through reviewing documentation and building my own Jenkins environments.

I am currently hosting the EU Docs office hours, and would love to expand my knowledge, along with others.
I want to empower the community further to increase activity and investment in the Jenkins project.
My main goal is to help extend the community and ensure the documentation is accessible for both new and experienced users.

Affiliations: CloudBees

Infrastructure Officer – Damien Duportal

I am a Software Engineer working as a SRE for the Jenkins public infrastructure and as an IT teacher.
I am active in the Platform SIG, and have been using Jenkins for over a decade.
I am a fervent open-source citizen and active in other communities including Docker, Asciidoctor and Updatecli.

Affiliations: CloudBees

We want to congratulate the nominees and share thanks to the community for joining us in this year’s election.

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