Should Startups Adopt Kubernetes? Why, How, & When To Adopt


About the Talk

Determine the right time to adopt Kubernetes to speed up development and scale your business with ease.

This Talk Is Designed For

  • CXOs, startup owners, software developers, and sysadmins
  • Anyone looking to adopt/migrate to Kubernetes
  • Startups and SMBs at any stage


Kubernetes on DigitalOcean: Docs

Kubernetes in minutes, on DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean Kubernetes (DOKS) is a managed Kubernetes service that lets you deploy Kubernetes clusters without the complexities of handling the control plane and containerized infrastructure. Clusters are compatible with standard Kubernetes toolchains and integrate natively with DigitalOcean Load Balancers and block storage volumes.

DigitalOcean Kubernetes is designed for you and your small business. Start small at just $10 per month, and scale up and save with our free control plane and inexpensive bandwidth.

Originally posted on DigitalOcean Community Tutorials
Author: Sachin Jha

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