New Service Discovery and Service Mesh Guides for Consul

The Consul Education team has created a couple new guides to help you secure and monitor Consul service registrations.

Deploy Services in Consul Connect’s Service Mesh

Consul Connect secures service-to-service communication. Connect allows you to secure communication between services with proxies. In this new guide, you’ll deploy two demo applications into a zero-trust network. The guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to register services and their proxies.

Secure Service-to-Service Communication

Ensure Services Registered with Consul are Healthy

One of the primary roles of the Consul agent is to manage system-level and application-level health checks. In this guide, you’ll deploy two services with different health checks and a health check for the agent. Finally, you’ll test that Consul DNS only returns healthy services.

Use Health Checks With Consul

Originally posted on Hashicorp Blog
Author: Kaitlin Carter

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