miniJen and RISCV

Short Introduction What is miniJen? It’s the smallest Jenkins multi-cpu-architectures instance known to this day. It’s composed of a 4 arm Cortex-A55 core RockChip controller (aarch64), a 4 arm Cortex-A7a core AllWinner agent (armv7l), a 4 arm Cortex-A53 core AllWinner agent (aarch64), and a single RV64GCV core AllWinner agent (RISC-V). A bit of personal history Read more about miniJen and RISCV[…]

miniJen is alive!

The Jenkins multi-architecture CPU instance What is that contraption? Nope, it’s not a robot of some sort, it won’t move by itself. It’s not Cerebro from Professor Xavier; no, it can’t fly either. What you’re looking at is a Jenkins instance. It is composed of a controller (the “brain” or conductor) and three agents (the Read more about miniJen is alive![…]