Spring Framework RCE, CVE-2022-22965

A remote code execution vulnerability has been identified in the Spring Framework.

This vulnerability is identified as CVE-2022-22965.

Spring officially reacted early in an early announcement.

Spring4Shell in Jenkins Core and Plugins

The Jenkins security team has confirmed that the Spring vulnerability is not affecting Jenkins Core.
There is no impact because we are using Stapler as a servlet, and neither Spring MVC nor Spring WebFlux.

An analysis was done on the plugins to determine whether some were using Spring in a dangerous way. No impact was found.

The dangerous library is included as a dependency of spring-security-web, which is not yet updated to include the fixed version.

The presence of Spring Framework is not enough to make the application vulnerable.

Spring4Shell in the Jenkins Infrastructure

The Jenkins infrastructure and security teams have confirmed that the Spring vulnerability is not affecting any part of the Jenkins infrastructure.

The following applications are Java applications that mention Spring as a dependency:

We may decide to disable some services if we discover other vulnerabilities.
You can see the status of services on the status page at status.jenkins.io.

Further Updates

We may update this blog post, if there are any corrections to be made, and in that case we’ll clearly call those out at the top.

Originally posted on Jenkins Blog

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