Cloud Native Computing Foundation Opens Inaugural KubeCon + CloudNativeCon China and Welcomes 53 New Members

New members, including R&D China Information Technology, Shanghai Qiniu Information Technologies, Beijing Yan Rong Technology and Yuan Ding Technology, to accelerate cloud native adoption across global markets

SHANGHAI, China – November 14, 2018 – KubeCon + CloudNativeCon China – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), which sustains and integrates open source technologies like Kubernetes® and Prometheus™, today announced that 53 new members and end user supporters have joined the Foundation.

With more than 325 members, over 10 percent of which are based in China, engagement with CNCF and adoption of cloud native technologies is accelerating. In fact, a recent report from Wikibon said that CNCF “has emerged as a genuine clearinghouse for the latest advances in cloud technologies,” and predicted that the Foundation will continue to shape the future of cloud in 2019.

“We’re thrilled to see such a strong interest in and commitment to cloud native technologies from the Chinese market and across the globe,” said Dan Kohn, executive director of Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “As the ecosystem experiences such fast growth, it’s crucial to have the support of the community – including today’s 53 new members and supporters. This ensures the Foundation can continue powering open source innovation and enhancing the cloud native experience.”

The first-ever KubeCon + CloudNativeCon China in Shanghai kicks off today, which brings thousands of adopters and technologists to the burgeoning region. To watch the highly-anticipated keynotes taking place on November 14-15, please visit to sign-up for our free live stream.

About the newest Silver & Non-Profit Members:

  • Acornsoft develops and provides a Cloud Native Application Platform, a computing environment for future application development that helps customers adopt the container, DevOps, and microservice technologies.
  • Ampere’s vision is to deliver a new standard for cloud and edge servers while resetting expectations for lower power, higher performance and a better total cost of ownership.
  • Arctiq is a consultancy based out of Toronto, specializing in training and enablement services around open source technologies; particularly with containers, microservices, CI/CD pipelines, and network automation.
  • Blockchain Technology Partners brings the benefits of blockchain to business by providing Sextant, a blockchain management platform that delivers one-click deployment of scalable Hyperledger Sawtooth networks running on Kubernetes in the cloud.
  • CableLabs is a leading non-profit innovation and R&D lab focused on developing technologies and specifications for the secure delivery of high speed data, video, voice and next generation services, and provides testing, certification facilities, and technical leadership for the industry.
  • Catalyst Cloud is New Zealand’s most advanced public cloud service with three regions onshore and prices comparable to global cloud providers.
  • CENGN accelerates the growth of the Canadian Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector; enabling economic strength and prosperity, as well as innovation and competitiveness in this high-growth global multi-trillion dollar industry.
  • CloudYuga provides training and consulting on cloud native technologies like Kubernetes, Prometheus, etc.
  • CryptoMove is the world’s first moving target data protection platform.
  • Data Essential enables customers to build a new class of applications, leveraging big and fast data, and native cloud infrastructure.
  • Dotscience helps users to control, accelerate and gain more insight from artificial intelligence (AI).
  • ENC Data Service Co., Ltd. aims to help government and enterprises to achieve digital transformation, relying on digital transformation methodology of traction from consumer to supplier and industrial cognitive solutions.
  • Garden is a development engine for Kubernetes that makes developing, building, and testing distributed systems fast, easy, and fun.
  • Lacework is the industry’s first solution to bring automation, speed, and scale to cloud security, enabling enterprises to safety innovate fast in the cloud.
  • Mobilise Cloud enables clients through technical consulting, enterprise-level platform development, and fully managed Kubernetes services.
  • MSys Technologies is a product engineering services partner which architects, develops and manages modern distributed systems leveraging open source, cloud native and containerized technologies, with Kubernetes focus.
  • Nebulaworks is a premier consultancy engineering the enterprise adoption of DevOps, cloud, and open source through education, build, and managed services; creating high-performance teams in the process.
  • NexCloud provides NexClipper, an AI-based cloud monitoring and automation solution.
  • Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy offers customer experience management solutions that give operators a view of their customers and customer experiences.
  • Noris Network ensures sustained competitive advantage on the basis of innovative IT solutions.
  • One Convergence provides infrastructure solutions to optimize the cloud native data center.
  • Open Cloud Foundation promotes open standards and freedom of choice in the cloud.
  • Opsani is a leading provider of autonomous operations for DevOps teams using artificial intelligence to deliver continuous performance optimization of cloud applications and automatically reduce latency, increase throughput and control run-time costs.
  • Oteemo is a premier tech consultancy based out of the Washington DC metro area specializing in design, architecture, and implementation of enterprise container and cloud native solutions using Kubernetes.
  • PipelineAI offers a real-time model-prediction platform that optimizes, scales, and explains the predictions of any cognitive decision-making system at the speed of thought.
  • Praqma is a continuous delivery and DevOps consultancy bureau based in Scandinavia, helping organizations reach their DevOps goals with Kubernetes.
  • PRODYNA is a Pan-European IT consultancy creating innovative custom software applications to solve the business challenges of enterprise customers.
  • Puppet’s portfolio of continuous automation solutions accelerate the build and deployment of cloud native and traditional applications, as well as the discovery, provisioning, and management of the infrastructure they run on.
  • R&D China Information Technology is a leading company focusing on enterprise containers, cloud, and big data analysis and operation services.
  • Robin Systems transforms the way enterprise applications drive infrastructure by bringing together purpose-built container-aware block storage with application-aware manager into the cloud.
  • Rollbar offers real-time error monitoring, alerting, and analytics for software developers.
  • Rookout slashes debugging time in dev, staging and production by 80 percent through empowering engineers to collect any type of data from live code without restarting, re-deploying, or extra coding.
  • Shanghai Qiniu Information Technologies provides Internet data storage services.
  • develops tools to help the enterprise adopt and make the most of innovative cloud technologies.
  • StackRox provides a leading container security solution, enabling organizations to assess the risk profile of their assets, harden the environment to reduce their attack surface, and find and stop malicious actors.
  • Synadia believes there is an opportunity for the first decentralized, secure global utility, powered by NATS, to connect all digital systems, services, and devices.
  • provides services and know-how as an Internet service provider, application developer and Linux system house.
  • Transwarp Technology is a leading big data and AI software provider.
  • Two Sigma is an investment management firm that uses data science and technology to find value in the world’s data.
  • VEXXHOST is an IaaS provider that works with its users to help architect, configure and optimize cloud infrastructure to reduce expenses and increase productivity.
  • Wallarm’s AI-powered platform automates real-time application protection and security testing for websites, microservices, and APIs across public and private clouds.
  • YanRong Cloud (Beijing Yan Rong Technology Co.,Ltd.) is committed to research and application development in software-defined datacenters, and has a core competency of hyper-converged infrastructure.
  • Yuan Ding Technology is a leading cloud management and automation operation and maintenance expert.
  • ZeroStack’s Self-Driving Cloud Platform automates cloud native applications and operations, reducing the cost and complexity of DevOps, big data, and AI with a unified infrastructure for VMs, containers and bare metal.

About the newest End-User Members & Supporters:

  • Amadeus provides IT solutions to the travel industry around the world.
  • Atlassian unleashes the potential of every team through its collaboration software – helping teams organize, discuss, and complete shared work.
  • Mastercard (NYSE: MA) is a technology company in the global payments industry.
  • PostFinance is one of Switzerland’s leading retail financial institutions and the number one for Swiss payment transactions.
  • State Street is a leading provider of financial services to institutional investors, including investment management, investment research, and trading an investment servicing.
  • Swiss Mobiliar insures every third household in Switzerland, as Switzerland’s oldest and most personal insurance since its founding in 1826.
  • Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) helps people around the world save money and live better anytime and anywhere in retail stores, online, and through their mobile devices.
  • WeWork bridges the gap between physical and digital platforms, transforming buildings into dynamic environments for creativity, focus, and collaboration.
  • Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources.

Amadeus, Atlassian, Mastercard, PostFinance, State Street, Swiss Mobiliar, Walmart, WeWork, and Workday join other end user companies including Box, Capital One, eBay, GitHub, Goldman Sachs, NCSOFT, The New York Times, Ticketmaster, Twitter, Vevo, and Zalando in CNCF’s End User Community. This group meets monthly and advises the CNCF Governing Board and Technical Oversight Committee on key challenges, emerging use cases and areas of opportunity and new growth for cloud native technologies.

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云原生计算基金会(CNCF) KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 中国论坛盛大开幕,竭诚欢迎 53 位新成员

新成员包括 R&D China Information Technology、上海七牛信息技术、北京焱融科技和元鼎科技,加速云原生技术落户全球市场

中国上海 – 2018 年 11 月 14 日 – KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 中国论坛 – 支持并整合 Kubernetes® 和 Prometheus™ 等开源技术的云原生计算基金会® (CNCF®) 今日隆重宣布,共有 53 名新成员和终端用户支持者加入该基金会。

该基金会现有逾 325 名成员,其中超过 10% 位于中国,不断推进 CNCF 的参与度和云原生技术落地生根。事实上,Wikibon 最近的一份报告显示,CNCF “已经成为云技术最新发展的真正交流中心”,并预测该基金会在 2019 年将继引领造云技术未来的发展。

“我们很高兴看到中国市场和全球对云原生技术拥有如此浓厚的兴趣和能够倾力付出。”云原生计算基金会(CNCF)执行董事 Dan Kohn 说:“随着生态系统经历如此快速的增长,获得社区的支持至关重要——包括今天的 53 名新成员和支持者。这确保该基金会能够继续推动开源创新,并增强云原生体验。”

首届 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 中国论坛 今日在上海盛大开幕,数以千计的采纳者和技术专家在这一快速发展的地区齐聚一堂。若要观看 11 月 14 日至 15 日备受瞩目的主题演讲,请访问,注册参加免费直播。


  • Acornsoft开发并提供云原生应用平台,这是用于未来应用开发的计算环境,帮助客户采用容器、DevOps 和微服务技术。
  • Ampere 的愿景是交付新标准的云和边缘服务器,同时重新设定对更低功耗、更高性能和更优总拥有成本的期望。
  • Arctiq 是多伦多的一家咨询公司,专门从事开源技术方面的培训和支持服务;尤其是容器、微服务、CI/CD 工作流和网络自动化。
  • 区块链技术合作伙伴通过提供 Sextant 区块链管理平台,将区块链的优势注入业务,一键部署在云 Kubernetes 上运行的可扩展 Hyperledger Sawtooth 网络。
  • CableLabs 是领先的非营利性创新和研发实验室,致力于开发安全交付高速数据、视频、语音和下一代服务的技术和规范,并为行业提供测试、认证设施和技术引领。
  • Catalyst Cloud 是新西兰最先进的公共云服务,内陆有三个地区,价格可以与全球云提供商相媲美。
  • CENGN 加快了加拿大信息和通信技术 (ICT) 分支的增长;在这个全球高速增长的数万亿美元产业中,大举增强经济实力和繁荣度,以及创新和竞争力。
  • CloudYuga 提供云原生技术方面的培训和咨询,例如,Kubernetes、Prometheus,等。
  • CryptoMove 是世界上第一个移动目标数据保护平台。
  • Data Essential 助力客户利用大数据和快速数据,以及本地云基础架构,构建新的应用程序类别。
  • Dotscience 帮助用户控制、加速并从人工智能 (AI) 中获得更多洞察力。
  • 新智认知数据服务有限公司  在中国提供海洋旅游运输和旅游服务。
  • Garden 是 Kubernetes 的开发引擎,使得分布式系统的开发、构建和测试变得快速、简单和有趣。
  • Lacework 是业界首个将自动化、速度和规模引入云安全的解决方案,使企业能够在云安全领域快速创新。
  • Mobilise Cloud 通过技术咨询、企业级平台开发和全面管理的 Kubernetes 服务为客户提供支持。
  • MSys Technologies 是一家产品工程服务合作伙伴,利用开源、云原生和容器化技术设计、开发和管理现代分布式系统,并以 Kubernetes 为核心。
  • Nebulaworks 是一家卓越的咨询工程公司,通过教育、构建和管理服务,为企业采用 DevOps、云和开源软件提供服务;在此过程中创建高绩效团队。
  • NexCloud 提供 NexClipper,一种基于人工智能的云监控和自动化解决方案。
  • Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy 提供客户体验管理解决方案,让运营商可以看到他们的客户和客户体验。
  • Noris Network 基于创新的 IT 解决方案确保持续的竞争优势。
  • One Convergence 提供基础架构解决方案,优化云原生数据中心。
  • 开放云基金会在云中促进开放标准和自由选择。
  • Opsani 是 DevOps 团队自主运营的领先提供商,该团队使用人工智能提供云应用程序的持续性能优化,并自动减少延迟、增加吞吐量和控制运行时成本。
  • Oteemo 是一家总部位于华盛顿特区的顶尖技术咨询公司,专门设计、构建和实施使用 Kubernetes 的企业容器和云原生解决方案。
  • PipelineAI 提供实时模型预测平台,以思维速度优化、扩展和诠释任何认知决策系统的预测。
  • Praqma 是一家持续交付和 DevOps 咨询机构,总部设在斯堪的纳维亚,帮助组织通过 Kubernetes 实现 DevOps 的目标。
  • PRODYNA 是一家泛欧 IT 咨询公司,创建创新的定制软件应用程序,解决企业客户的业务挑战。
  • Puppet的连续自动化解决方案组合加快了云原生和传统应用程序的构建和部署,及其运行的基础架构的发现、配置和管理。
  • R&D China Information Technology 是领先的、专注于企业容器、云和大数据分析及运营服务的企业。
  • Robin Systems 通过将专门构建的容器感知数据块存储和应用感知管理器整合到云中,改变了企业应用驱动基础架构的方式。
  • Rollbar 为软件开发人员提供实时错误监控、警报和分析。
  • Rookout 通过助力工程师从实时代码中收集任何类型的数据,无需重新启动、重新部署或额外编码,将开发、调试和生产时间缩短了 80%。
  • 上海七牛信息技术提供互联网数据存储服务。
  • 开发工具,帮助企业采用和充分利用创新云技术。
  • StackRox 提供领先的容器安全解决方案,使组织能够评估其资产的风险状况,加固环境,以减少攻击面,并找到和阻止恶意行为者。
  • Synadia 坚信,由 NATS 提供动力的第一个安全化去中心全球化实用程序将有机会连接所有数字系统、服务和设备。
  • 作为互联网服务提供商、应用程序开发商和 Linux 系统公司提供服务和专业知识。
  • Transwarp Technology 是领先的大数据和人工智能软件提供商。
  • Two Sigma 是一家投资管理公司,利用数据科学和技术在全世界的数据中发掘价值。
  • VEXXHOST 是一家 IaaS 提供商,与用户合作,帮助设计、配置和优化云基础架构,以减少开支,并提高生产力。
  • Wallarm 的人工智能平台跨公共云和私有云,自动对网站、微服务和应用编程接口进行实时应用程序保护和安全测试。
  • YanRong 云(北京焱融科技有限公司)致力于软件定义的数据中心研究和应用开发,具有超融合基础设施的核心竞争力。
  • 元鼎科技是领先的云管理和自动化操作与维护专家。
  • ZeroStack的自驱动云平台自动化完成云原生应用程序和操作,可大幅降低 DevOps、大数据和人工智能的成本和复杂性,并为虚拟机、容器和裸机提供统一的基础架构。


  • Amadeus 为世界各地的旅游业提供 IT 解决方案。
  • Atlassian 通过其协作软件释放每个团队的潜力—助力团队组织、讨论和完成共享工作。
  • 万事达卡(纽约证券交易所:MA)是足迹遍布全球的支付科技公司。
  • PostFinance 是瑞士领先的零售金融机构之一,也是瑞士第一大交易支付机构。
  • State Street 是机构投资者金融服务的领先提供商,包括投资管理、投资研究和交易投资服务。
  • Swiss Mobiliar 为瑞士三分之一的家庭提供保险,公司于 1826 年成立以来,是瑞士最古老、最个性化的保险商。
  • 沃尔玛公司(纽约证券交易所:WMT),帮助世界各地的消费者在零售店、在线以及通过他们的移动设备 随时随地提供省钱体验,并提高生活幸福指数。
  • WeWork 弥合了物理平台和数字平台之间的差距,将建筑转化为动态环境,以促进创造力、专注力和协作。
  • Workday 是金融和人力资源企业云应用的领先提供商。

Amadeus、Atlassian、万事达卡、PostFinance、State Street、Swiss Mobiliar、沃尔玛、WeWork 和 Workday 连同其他终端用户公司,包括 Box、Capital One、eBay、GitHub、高盛、NCSOFT、《纽约时报》、Ticketmaster、Twitter、Vevo 和 Zalando 加入 CCF 的 终端用户社区。该小组每月召开一次会议,并针对云原生技术的关键挑战、新兴用例和机会以及新增长等问题向 CNCF 理事会和技术监督委员会提供咨询。



云原生计算使用开源软件栈,将应用程序部署为微服务,将每个部分打包到自有容器中,并动态编排这些容器,以优化资源利用率。云原生计算基金会 (CNCF) 托管云原生软件栈的关键组件,包括 Kubernetes 和 Prometheus。CNCF 是中立的协作之家,聚集了业界顶尖的开发人员、最终用户和供应商——包括世界上规模最大的公共云和企业软件公司以及数十家创新型初创企业。CNCF 隶属于非盈利组织 Linux 基金会。有关 CNCF 的更多信息,请访问


Linux 基金会拥有注册商标,并使用商标。有关 Linux 基金会的商标列表,请参见我们的商标使用页面: 是 Linus Torvalds 的注册商标。


Kristen Evans

Linux 基金会

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