External Fingerprint Storage Phase-2 Updates

As another great phase for the External Fingerprint Storage Project comes to an end, we summarise the work done during this phase in this blog post. It was an exciting and fruitful journey, just like the previous phase, and offered some great learning experience. To understand what the project is about and the past progress, Read more about External Fingerprint Storage Phase-2 Updates[…]

External Fingerprint Storage Phase-1 Updates

Externalizing fingerprint storage for Jenkins is a Google Summer of Code 2020 project. We are working on building a pluggable storage engine for fingerprints (see JEP-226). File fingerprinting is a way to track which version of a file is being used by a job/build, making dependency tracking easy. The fingerprint engine of Jenkins can track Read more about External Fingerprint Storage Phase-1 Updates[…]