Incremental Build Detection Probe

Introduction The Incremental Build Detection Probe was developed as a part of Google Summer of Code 2023 for the plugin health scoring system project. Incremental builds aid in continuous delivery of plugins, deploying only the modules affected by new commits [1]. Jenkins core and plugins can be deployed incrementally, rather than waiting for the developer Read more about Incremental Build Detection Probe[…]

Detecting deprecated JSR-305 imports Probe

Introduction This blog post describes the latest addition to the plugin health scoring system developed as part of my Google summer of Code Project: a probe that detects usages of the JSR-305 framework in plugins. The JSR-305 framework provides annotations to detect software defects. Its executive committee voted it as dormant since May 2012. It Read more about Detecting deprecated JSR-305 imports Probe[…]

Third Party Repository Detection Probe

Introduction A third-party repository is a repository that is not hosted at The Jenkins Infra team was concerned about the dependencies used by third-party repositories. These repositories are a concern, not just for security reasons, but also for reliability. The third-party repository detection probe ensures that plugins are built only from trusted and reliable Read more about Third Party Repository Detection Probe[…]

Unreleased Production Changes Probe

Introduction A bug fix, security fix, or new features are of no use unless they are released. A production release not only provides users with an updated plugin, but also gives the developers a chance to get feedback on their work. The “unreleased production changes” probe looks for unreleased commits in the production files. If Read more about Unreleased Production Changes Probe[…]

Plugin Health Scoring System

The goal of this blog is to showcase the work done during the Google Summer of Code 2022 coding phases. For a detailed description of the project, please see the project page. Overview About Project Phase 1 Phase 2 Next Steps Acknowledgments Useful Links About Project Plugin maintenance is an extremely important phase of a Read more about Plugin Health Scoring System[…]