Introducing new Folder Authorization Plugin

During my Google Summer of Code Project, I have created the brand new Folder Auth Plugin for easily managing permissions to projects organized in folders from the Folders plugin. This new plugin is designed for fast permission checks with easy-to-manage roles. The 1.0 version of the plugin has just been released and can be downloaded Read more about Introducing new Folder Authorization Plugin[…]

Plugin Management Library and CLI Tool Phase 2 GSoC Updates

At end of the first GSoC phase, I announced the first alpha release of the CLI tool and library that will help centralize plugin management and make plugin tooling easier. Phase 2 has mainly been focused on improving upon the initial CLI and library written in Coding Phase 1. In particular, we’ve been focusing on Read more about Plugin Management Library and CLI Tool Phase 2 GSoC Updates[…]

Jenkins code coverage diff in pull requests

Hello. As you may know, during the last year GSoC Mr. Shenyu Zheng was working on the Jenkins Code Coverage API Plugin. With Mr. Zheng we made a change so the plugin now is able to check the difference in code coverage between pull requests and target branches. In lots of projects it is a Read more about Jenkins code coverage diff in pull requests[…]

Introducing the Pipeline Configuration History Plugin

Pipelines are the efficient and modern way how to create jobs in Jenkins. To recognize pipeline changes quickly and easily, we developed the Pipeline Configuration History plugin. This plugin detects changes of pipelines and provides the user an option to view changes between two builds (diffs) of pipeline configurations visibly and traceably. How everything started Read more about Introducing the Pipeline Configuration History Plugin[…]

GSOC Phase 1 Updates On Working Hours Plugin

The Working Hour Plugin provides an interface to set up a schedule of allowable build days and times. Jobs that run outside of configured working hours are held until the next allowable build time. For the first code phase at Google Summer of Code, I’ve been working on Working Hours Project, which needed improvements on Read more about GSOC Phase 1 Updates On Working Hours Plugin[…]

Plugin Management Library and CLI Tool Alpha Release

“Everybody is re-inventing the wheel, partially implementing the “details” of plugin management (signed metadata, artifacts checksums, plugins detached from core,…​). It becomes obvious Jenkins should provide adequate tooling for plugin installation outside a live Jenkins instance.” JENKINS-53767 My Google Summer of Code project tries to solve this problem by creating a library that will unify plugin management Read more about Plugin Management Library and CLI Tool Alpha Release[…]

Multi-branch Pipeline Jobs Support for GitLab SCM

This is one of the Jenkins project in GSoC 2019. We are working on adding support for Multi-branch Pipeline Jobs and Folder Organisation in GitLab. The plan is to create the following plugins: GitLab API Plugin – Wraps GitLab Java APIs. GitLab Branch Source Plugin – Contains two packages: io.jenkins.plugins.gitlabserverconfig – Manages server configuration and Read more about Multi-branch Pipeline Jobs Support for GitLab SCM[…]

Micro-benchmarking Framework for Jenkins Plugins

I have been working on improving the performance of the Role Strategy Plugin as a part of my Google Summer of Code project. Since there was no existing way to measure performance and do benchmarks on Jenkins Plugins, my work for the first phase of the project was to create a framework for running benchmarks Read more about Micro-benchmarking Framework for Jenkins Plugins[…]

Security spring cleaning

Today we published a security advisory that mostly informs about issues in Jenkins plugins that have no fixes. What’s going on? The Jenkins security team triages incoming reports both to Jira and our non-public mailing list. Once we’ve determined it is a plugin not maintained by any Jenkins security team members, we try to inform Read more about Security spring cleaning[…]

SSH Steps for Jenkins Pipeline

This guest post was originally published on Cerner’s Engineering blog here. Pipeline-as-code or defining the deployment pipeline through code rather than manual job creation through UI, provides tremendous benefits for teams automating builds and deployment infrastructure across their environments. Source of image: Jenkins Pipelines Jenkins is a well-known open source continuous integration and continuous Read more about SSH Steps for Jenkins Pipeline[…]