Creating Custom Rules for Ansible Lint

What is Ansible Lint?  Ansible Lint is a command-line tool (part of the ansible-lint upstream community project) for linting of Ansible Playbooks, Roles, and Collections. Ok, so what exactly is “linting?” Its fundamental objective is to promote proven behaviors, patterns, and practices while avoiding typical traps that can quickly result in errors or make code Read more about Creating Custom Rules for Ansible Lint[…]

What’s new in Ansible Automation Platform 2: automation execution environments

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2 is now available to customers. This release expands the possibilities of automation across your organization, with a more secure, flexible foundation to build and deploy automation with greater acceleration, orchestration and innovation. As automation usage/practices/etc. spreads throughout an organization, managing multiple automation environments for different teams and use cases Read more about What’s new in Ansible Automation Platform 2: automation execution environments[…]

Migrating to Ansible Collections (Webinar Q&A)

Sean Cavanaugh, Anshul Behl and I recently hosted a webinar entitled “Migrating to Ansible Collections” (link to YouTube on-demand webinar replay and link to PDF slides download). This webinar was focused on enabling the Ansible Playbook writers, looking to move to the wonderful world of Ansible Collections in existing Ansible 2.9 environments and beyond.   Read more about Migrating to Ansible Collections (Webinar Q&A)[…]