Matrix building in scripted pipeline

Table of Contents Matrix building with scripted pipeline Screenshot of matrix pipeline Adding static choices Adding dynamic choices Full pipeline example with dynamic choices Background: How does it work? Exposing a shared library pipeline step Summary With the recent announcement about matrix building you can perform Matrix builds with declarative pipeline. However, if you must Read more about Matrix building in scripted pipeline[…]

Introducing the Jira Software plugin for Jenkins

This is a guest post by Rafal Myslek from Atlassian. According to a recent survey we conducted, software & IT teams on average use 4+ tools to move code from development to customer-facing production. As a result, teams struggle with keeping the status of work updated and understanding the overall health of their delivery pipeline. Read more about Introducing the Jira Software plugin for Jenkins[…]

Introducing new GitLab Branch Source Plugin

The GitLab Branch Source Plugin has come out of its beta stage and has been released to the Jenkins update center. It allows you to create job based on GitLab user or group or subgroup project(s). You can either: Import a single project’s branches as jobs from a GitLab user/group/subgroup (Multibranch Pipeline Job) Import all Read more about Introducing new GitLab Branch Source Plugin[…]

Introducing the Pipeline Configuration History Plugin

Pipelines are the efficient and modern way how to create jobs in Jenkins. To recognize pipeline changes quickly and easily, we developed the Pipeline Configuration History plugin. This plugin detects changes of pipelines and provides the user an option to view changes between two builds (diffs) of pipeline configurations visibly and traceably. How everything started Read more about Introducing the Pipeline Configuration History Plugin[…]

Jenkins Pipeline Stage Result Visualization Improvements

Some changes have recently been released to give Pipeline authors some new tools to improve Pipeline visualizations in Blue Ocean, in particular to address the highly-voted issue JENKINS-39203, which causes all non-failing stages to be visualized as though they were unstable if the overall build result of the Pipeline was unstable. This issue made it Read more about Jenkins Pipeline Stage Result Visualization Improvements[…]

Multi-branch Pipeline Jobs Support for GitLab SCM

This is one of the Jenkins project in GSoC 2019. We are working on adding support for Multi-branch Pipeline Jobs and Folder Organisation in GitLab. The plan is to create the following plugins: GitLab API Plugin – Wraps GitLab Java APIs. GitLab Branch Source Plugin – Contains two packages: io.jenkins.plugins.gitlabserverconfig – Manages server configuration and Read more about Multi-branch Pipeline Jobs Support for GitLab SCM[…]

SSH Steps for Jenkins Pipeline

This guest post was originally published on Cerner’s Engineering blog here. Pipeline-as-code or defining the deployment pipeline through code rather than manual job creation through UI, provides tremendous benefits for teams automating builds and deployment infrastructure across their environments. Source of image: Jenkins Pipelines Jenkins is a well-known open source continuous integration and continuous Read more about SSH Steps for Jenkins Pipeline[…]

MPL – Modular Pipeline Library

This is a guest post by Sergei Parshev from Grid Dynamics, orignally posted on the Grid Dynamics Blog. Despite speeding up development with deployment automation, one of our clients was experiencing slow time-to-market due to a lack of collaboration in DevOps. While they had invested in DevOps, every production pipeline was set up individually, forcing Read more about MPL – Modular Pipeline Library[…]

Validate your Jenkinsfile from within VS Code

In my daily work I often have to create or modify Jenkinsfiles and more often than I would like, I make mistakes. It is a very tedious workflow when you make a change to your Jenkinsfile, create a commit, push the commit and wait for your Jenkins Server to tell you, that you have missed Read more about Validate your Jenkinsfile from within VS Code[…]