Testing Jenkins 2.249.1 on Windows

This article describes our observations during Windows testing of the Jenkins 2.249.1 release candidate. Upgrade testing Jenkins 2.249.1 is a new long term support release with user interface improvements and changes in Windows support. It is the first long term support release to drop support for Microsoft.NET framework 2.0. The end of support for Microsoft.NET Read more about Testing Jenkins 2.249.1 on Windows[…]

Windows Installer Upgrades

This article describes the transition from the old Jenkins Windows installer 2.235.2 (32 bit) to the new Jenkins Windows installer 2.235.3 (64 bit) Let’s take a look how Jenkins installation on Windows happened before release of this upgrade. Step 1 It’s evident that branding information is not present here. Step 2 Jenkins would be installed Read more about Windows Installer Upgrades[…]

Windows Installer Updates

The Windows Installer for Jenkins has been around for many years as a way for users to install a Jenkins Master on Windows as a service. Since it’s initial development, it has not received a lot of updates or features, but that is about to change. First, let’s take a look at the current installer Read more about Windows Installer Updates[…]