GSoC 2024 contributor application ended. What happens next?

The Google Summer of Code 2024 contributor application period has ended, and we are excited to have received several more than 75 valid applications from potential contributors interested in contributing to Jenkins via this program. We are grateful to all the students who applied and look forward to reviewing their applications over the next few Read more about GSoC 2024 contributor application ended. What happens next?[…]

Google Summer of Code 2024… Here We Come!

We are thrilled to announce that Jenkins has been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2024! This will be Jenkins’ eighth year as a mentoring organization. Congratulations to all 195 accepted open-source organizations! As a mentoring organization for the past seven years, Jenkins has mentored 35 GSoC students by 85+ different mentors, bringing together over Read more about Google Summer of Code 2024… Here We Come![…]

GSoC Building with alternative tools

This blog showcases all the work done in the project Building with Alternative Tools during Google Summer of Code 2023. Table of Contents About Project Coding Phase 1 Coding Phase 2 Future Improvements Acknowledgments Useful Links About Project The Jenkins documentation site is generated as a static website using Awestruct from AsciiDoc sources. One Read more about GSoC Building with alternative tools[…]

Incremental Build Detection Probe

Introduction The Incremental Build Detection Probe was developed as a part of Google Summer of Code 2023 for the plugin health scoring system project. Incremental builds aid in continuous delivery of plugins, deploying only the modules affected by new commits [1]. Jenkins core and plugins can be deployed incrementally, rather than waiting for the developer Read more about Incremental Build Detection Probe[…]

Detecting deprecated JSR-305 imports Probe

Introduction This blog post describes the latest addition to the plugin health scoring system developed as part of my Google summer of Code Project: a probe that detects usages of the JSR-305 framework in plugins. The JSR-305 framework provides annotations to detect software defects. Its executive committee voted it as dormant since May 2012. It Read more about Detecting deprecated JSR-305 imports Probe[…]

Docker-based Jenkins quick start examples

Table of Contents About the Project Phase 1 Phase 2 Next Steps Acknowledgments Useful Links About the Project The aim of my project was to tackle the challenges and intricacies that users frequently encounter when configuring Jenkins with Docker. The current process comprises numerous daunting steps associated with security risks. My objective was to resolve Read more about Docker-based Jenkins quick start examples[…]

GSoC GitLab Plugin Modernization Project

The goal of this blog is to showcase the work done on GitLab Plugin during the Google Summer of Code 2023. For a detailed description of the project, please refer to the project page. Overview About Project Coding Phase 1 Coding Phase 2 Future Improvements Acknowledgments Useful Links About Project Plugins grow old and become Read more about GSoC GitLab Plugin Modernization Project[…]

Jenkins in Google Summer of Code Midterm Recap

The Jenkins in GSoC program recently reached its midterm milestone for GSoC 2023. This milestone served to assess performance, and precipitate pass/fail decisions. Taking time to evaluate the progress and workflow of the project provides an opportunity to correct course and address underlying issues. Earlier this month, on the Jenkins Online Meetup, GSoC contributors presented Read more about Jenkins in Google Summer of Code Midterm Recap[…]

Third Party Repository Detection Probe

Introduction A third-party repository is a repository that is not hosted at The Jenkins Infra team was concerned about the dependencies used by third-party repositories. These repositories are a concern, not just for security reasons, but also for reliability. The third-party repository detection probe ensures that plugins are built only from trusted and reliable Read more about Third Party Repository Detection Probe[…]