Deep dive into Trend Micro Deep Security integration modules

At AnsibleFest 2020, we announced the extension of our security automation initiative to support endpoint protection use cases. If you have missed it, check out the recording of the talk “Automate your endpoint protection using Ansible” on the AnsibleFest page. Today, following this announcement we release the supported Ansible Content Collection for Trend Micro Deep Read more about Deep dive into Trend Micro Deep Security integration modules[…]

Fast vs Easy: Benchmarking Ansible Operators for Kubernetes

With Kubernetes, you get a lot of powerful functionality that makes it relatively easy to manage and scale simple applications and API services right out of the box. These simple apps are generally stateless, so the Kubernetes can deploy, scale and recover from failures without any specific knowledge. But what if Kubernetes native capabilities are Read more about Fast vs Easy: Benchmarking Ansible Operators for Kubernetes[…]

Automating Helm using Ansible

Increasing business demands are driving the need for increased automation to support rapid, yet stable, and reliable deployments of applications and supporting infrastructure. Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies are no different. For the Kubernetes platform, Helm is the standard means of packaging, configuring and deploying applications and services onto any cluster. We recently released the kubernetes.core Read more about Automating Helm using Ansible[…]