IT Leader Channel at AnsibleFest 2020

Whether you have automated different domains within your business or are just getting started, creating a roadmap to automation that can be passed between teams and understood at different levels is critical to any automation strategy.  We’ve brought back the IT Decision Maker track at AnsibleFest this year after its debut in 2019, featuring sessions Read more about IT Leader Channel at AnsibleFest 2020[…]

Culture at AnsibleFest 2020

At Red Hat, we’ve long recognized that the power of collaboration enables communities to achieve more together than individuals can accomplish on their own. Developing an organizational culture that empowers communities to flourish and collaborate — whether in an open source community or for an internal community of practice — isn’t always straightforward. This year Read more about Culture at AnsibleFest 2020[…]

Customer Spotlights at AnsibleFest 2020

AnsibleFest 2020 will be here before we know it, and we cannot wait to connect with everyone in October. We have some great content lined up for this year’s virtual experience and that includes some amazing customer spotlights. This year you will get to hear from CarMax, Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC, T-Mobile, PRA Read more about Customer Spotlights at AnsibleFest 2020[…]

Security Channel at AnsibleFest 2020

Security automation is an area that encompasses different practices, such as investigation & response, security compliance, hardening, etc. While security is a prominent topic now more than ever, all of these activities also greatly benefit from automation.  For the second year at AnsibleFest, we will have a channel dedicated to security automation. We talked with Read more about Security Channel at AnsibleFest 2020[…]

Operations Channel at AnsibleFest 2020

AnsibleFest 2020 is right around the corner and we could not be more excited. This year we have some great content in each of our channels. Here is a preview of what attendees can expect from the Operations channel at AnsibleFest.   Operations Channel This channel will take Operators on an automation journey through the Read more about Operations Channel at AnsibleFest 2020[…]

Developer Channel at AnsibleFest 2020

As a developer, have you ever made a change that takes down an entire Kubernetes production cluster, requiring you to rebuild all YAML and automation scripts to get production back up?  Have you ever wanted to create reproducible, self-contained environments that can be run locally or in production? Welcome to the new AnsibleFest Developer Channel! Read more about Developer Channel at AnsibleFest 2020[…]

Telco Mini Channel at AnsibleFest 2020

As we adapt AnsibleFest into a free virtual experience this year, we wanted to share with our automation lovers what to expect. Seasoned pros and brand new Ansiblings alike can find answers and guidance for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, the enterprise solution for building and operating automation at scale. We are giving our attendees Read more about Telco Mini Channel at AnsibleFest 2020[…]