Jenkins in Google Summer of Code Community Bonding, Contributors’ Takeaways

The community bonding period is the three weeks between GSoC contributor acceptance and the start of the coding date. This is a vital time for mentors and org admins to engage with GSoC contributors and set them up for success. This is the time to set expectations and milestones, welcome the contributors to the community, Read more about Jenkins in Google Summer of Code Community Bonding, Contributors’ Takeaways[…]

Congrats and Welcome to Jenkins in Google Summer of Code 2024 Contributors

This year, we received numerous outstanding Google Summer of Code (GSoC) proposals for Jenkins with just as many compelling ideas. Many thanks to all who submitted their proposal(s) previously. Due to a very limited number of mentors available, we could only accept a small number of submissions. Congratulations go out to Danyang Zhao, Sridhar S, Read more about Congrats and Welcome to Jenkins in Google Summer of Code 2024 Contributors[…]

Jenkins 2024 Community Award Winners

cdCon 2024 just wrapped up in Seattle and this included announcing the winners of the Continuous Delivery Foundation and Jenkins Community Awards. The CD Foundation provides awards for the Top CDF ambassador, contributor, documenter, and end user. Anyone that is part of the CD Foundation can be nominated for these. Additionally, as a graduated project, Read more about Jenkins 2024 Community Award Winners[…]

Jenkins Contributor Summit and FOSDEM Recap

The previous in-person Jenkins Contributor Summit took place in 2020, just prior to the lockdowns and precautions that would change the world. Thankfully, on February 2, 2024, just prior to this year’s FOSDEM conference, we were able to gather again, in Brussels, so that we could have an in-person Jenkins Contributor Summit. The return to Read more about Jenkins Contributor Summit and FOSDEM Recap[…]

Nominate Someone – 2024 Jenkins Contributor Awards

Jenkins Contributor Awards for 2024 are being run by the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) along with many other CDF Community Awards. The nominations are open and are being accepted using GitHub issues to make the process transparent. Any contributor is eligible! The deadline to nominate someone is February 19, 2024. Voting will open on February Read more about Nominate Someone – 2024 Jenkins Contributor Awards[…]

Jenkins 2023 Recap

Contributed by: Wadeck Follonier The Jenkins Security team has multiple missions, with the most visible to users being the publication of advisories. In 2023, the team published 17 advisories: 4 included Jenkins core, and 13 were solely about plugins. In total, 211 vulnerabilities were announced. In terms of reporting trends, we have seen an increase Read more about Jenkins 2023 Recap[…]

2024 Jenkins Contributor Summit – Update

The Jenkins Contributor Summit, being held in Brussels on February 2nd, is now quickly approaching. We are looking forward to meeting you. If you plan to join us and didn’t let us know yet, don’t forget to register by dropping us a note. The list of registered attendees can be found in this document: Contributor Read more about 2024 Jenkins Contributor Summit – Update[…]

Jenkins November 2023 Newsletter

Key Takeaways Basil Crow joins the Jenkins Governance Board. A Jenkins Contributor Summit will be held prior to FOSDEM. The Contributor Spotlight site is now live. Contributed by: Mark Waite Basil Crow joins the Jenkins governance board in December 2023. He’ll serve for a two-year term. Thanks to Basil for his willingness to serve. More Read more about Jenkins November 2023 Newsletter[…]

Log from Jenkins Jobs to GitHub Pull Requests as Checks

You have a GitHub repo and a Jenkins server. The Jenkins server has jobs for running unit tests, computing code coverages, and executing static analyses. Every time someone opens a PR to your repo, you ask them to run those jobs, take screenshots of the results, and paste these screenshots to the PR description as Read more about Log from Jenkins Jobs to GitHub Pull Requests as Checks[…]