From Code to Quill: Embark on a Legendary Kubernetes Quest with SIG Docs

You’ve likely heard the adage, “Contributing isn’t just about writing code”,
whispered in forums or seen etched into the digital walls of open source communities.
But what depth of truth lies within this ancient wisdom, especially in the vast,
evolving world of Kubernetes?

Today, contributing to open source extends far beyond the realm of coding.
It’s an inclusive journey that welcomes the diverse skills of all who wish
to be a part of it. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or someone whose strengths
lie outside traditional programming, your contributions hold immense value.

Imagine yourself embarking on a journey that leverages your expertise and love
for free software to enhance your capabilities and strengthen the very foundation
of the Kubernetes ecosystem. This is a real opportunity for you to shine, to make
an indelible mark on a project that powers some of the most critical infrastructure
in the world today.

Your journey begins with a single step: joining the Special Interest Group (SIG) Docs.
Here, your talent for articulating complex concepts, your keen eye for detail,
and your unwavering commitment to clarity become your most powerful tools. As a contributor,
you can transform dense technical landscapes into navigable pathways, making Kubernetes
accessible to all.

This is your call to adventure, an invitation to expand beyond the familiar territories
of code and into the rich, uncharted domains of documentation and collaboration,
empowering a global community of users and contributors.

Why become a SIG Docs reviewer?

The Kubernetes project depends substantially on the SIG Docs to ensure that documentation
is accurate, up to date, and easily accessible. By becoming a reviewer, you can help users
and contributors navigate and understand Kubernetes more effectively. In addition, reviewing
documentation provides unique opportunities for:

  • Expanding your Kubernetes knowledge: Engage deeply with new features and functionalities
    by reviewing their documentation.
  • Improving your technical writing skills: Develop an eye for detail and clarity in technical
  • Strengthening the Kubernetes community: Help maintain the high quality of Kubernetes
    documentation, supporting both new and experienced users.
  • Building your network: Expanding your professional network, and getting together with
    contributors from around the globe.

Who are we looking for?

We’re seeking open source enthusiasts with:

  • Experience of Git and GitHub, comfortable with the process of reviewing pull requests
    and providing constructive feedback.
  • Familiarity with Markdown and documentation frameworks (Hugo experience is a plus but
    not required).
  • A passion for making complex technical concepts understandable and accessible.

Experience in technical writing or documentation review in open source projects is beneficial,
but not mandatory. Kubernetes experience is welcome at all levels. Those less familiar
with Kubernetes or containers can provide valuable fresh perspectives for beginners accessibility.
We value diversity of experiences and the fresh eyes you can provide to make sure our content
is clear and understandable for everyone.

How to get started

Becoming a SIG Docs reviewer is a journey that starts with familiarizing yourself with the
Kubernetes documentation contribution process. Here are the steps to get you started:

  1. Familiarize Yourself with SIG Docs: Start by reading the
    SIG Docs contributor guide to understand
    how documentation contributions are made.

  2. Join the Kubernetes Slack: Connect with the SIG Docs community on the
    #sig-docs channel. It’s a great place
    to ask questions, find mentorship, and get to know the community.

  3. Start Reviewing Pull Requests: Look for open pull requests labeled with
    good first issue or help wanted. These are great for beginners. Leave constructive
    feedback and suggestions. Familiarize yourself with the
    content guide and the
    style guide to provide more effectively
    reviewing Pull Requests.

  4. Attend SIG Docs Meetings: Participate in the
    SIG Docs meetings. These
    meetings are an excellent opportunity to meet fellow contributors, discuss documentation
    improvements, and volunteer for reviewing tasks.

  5. Shadow an Experienced Reviewer: To better understand the review process, sign up for our official
    PR Wrangling shadow program
    where you will be able to shadow an experienced reviewer
    and learn best practices and tips for reviewing efficiently and effectively.

  6. Contributor Ladder: Familiarize yourself with the
    CNCF contributor ladder,
    which guides your progression from newcomer to advanced contributor roles in the Kubernetes community.

What’s next?

After consistently contributing to documentation reviews and demonstrating your understanding
of Kubernetes documentation standards, you can express your interest in becoming an official
SIG Docs reviewer. Engage with the SIG Docs chairs or leads on the
public Slack channel
or during SIG Docs meetings to discuss the next steps.

See you in the docs!

Becoming a SIG Docs reviewer is more than contributing; it’s embracing the heart of the
Kubernetes community 🚀. Enhance your knowledge and writing skills while contributing
to our valuable documentation. This is your opportunity to guide others with your expertise
and make a lasting impact. Welcome aboard—see you there! 🌟

Originally posted on Kubernetes Blog

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