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AnsibleFest in October was an amazing experience; the best part was meeting and chatting about multiple network automation use cases with our customers and partners.

In case you want to review the most relevant sessions, here is a summary on the abridged network automation related sessions that you can check on-demand for the next 5 months:


Why unified network automation and why now? 

Bob Laliberte, Principal Analyst, ESG covers the complexity of modern networks which span across multi-domain teams including campus, branches, data centers, WAN networks and now edge across distributed locations. 

Network automation, when implemented as an end to end solution, can unify teams and make it faster and more efficient to deliver network services.

IT decision makers and managers will be able to have a better insight on network automation challenges and KPIs.


Noor Shadid, Wells Fargo | theCUBE at Red Hat AnsibleFest 2022

In this interview, Wells Fargo Senior Vice President, Noor Shadid, describes their cultural change with automation and how Wells Fargo positioned itself as a technology company.


Journey to Automated NetOps in Financial Services 

John Teixido from Truist and Tony Dubiel from Red Hat cover this amazing session. You will hear the lessons learned from Truist’s partnership with Red Hat covering Cisco ACI fundamentals and their journey to automate Network Operations using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.


Edge Deployment with Aruba Networks and the Ansible Automation Platform

This session covers how Aruba can utilize Ansible Automation Platform in real customer use cases, ranging from site deployment to device management and monitoring. 

The best part? Tiffany (Ti) Chiapuzio-Wong and Jay Pathak from Aruba Networks demo how to deploy automation at scale and teach about Aruba Networks’ open APIs and “automation first” infrastructure.

The demo goes through an edge site deployment, adding devices to the site, provisioning the devices with group/device level configuration. The whole cycle is covered.


Introducing Ansible Network Validated Content

During AnsibleFest we announced the launch of Ansible validated content, which provides you real use-case opinionated automation samples to replicate, and adapt to your specific network automation needs. What do you get? Health checks on network, data normalization, easy to use and platform agnostic automation examples.

In this session, Rohit showcases the BGP scenarios including BGP Health Checks (network.bgp) and the brownfield inventory builder (network.base). 


Ansible Content Ecosystem: Strategy & Roadmap

How do I get support for my automation needs? What is supported? Interested in getting into the certification program? Join Massimo Ferrari and Emily Bock, from Product Management, covering Red Hat Ansible Certified Content and the future of content domain and the certification program.


Resources and where to go next

If you already bookmarked and watched these recordings, you have more resources to keep moving forward.

  • Red Hat Ansible Network Automation – Learn more about how we can help you with the network automation journey.
  • Self-paced lab exercises – We have interactive, in-browser exercises to help you get started with Ansible Automation Platform.
  • Free trial – Try Ansible Automation Platform in your environment.
  • Edge Automation – Learn more about Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform at the edge in this YouTube playlist.
  • Network Automation Learn more about network automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform in this YouTube playlist.

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Author: Dafné Mendoza

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