Improve a plugin tutorial

Many new contributors may hesitate to contribute to a Jenkins plugin.
They may be concerned that the time commitment is too great.
They may be worried that they lack the technical skills to maintain a plugin.
They may not feel adequate to handle issues related to a Jenkins plugin.

This blog post introduces the “Improve a plugin” developer tutorial for new contributors.
The tutorial is a result of the “Contributing to Open Source” workshop (document and slides) that was held at DevOps World 2021.

It includes links to segments of the five part video series, Modernizing Jenkins plugins.
Special thanks to Darin Pope for hosting the video series.

Small steps

A series of small steps can help new contributors contribute to Jenkins development, improve a plugin, and develop the confidence to adopt a Jenkins plugin.
Each of the steps is valuable even if the new contributor decides that they do not want to adopt the plugin.
Each of the steps will assist the maintainers of the plugin.

The steps include:

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