Digital Ocean and Jenkins partnership continues to grow!

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We are excited to announce that the relationship between DigitalOcean and Jenkins continues to grow!
We want to thank DigitalOcean for providing such incredible support to the Jenkins project.

DigitalOcean has provided a substantial donation of $18,000 to the Jenkins project.
This is in addition to their previous sponsorship.
Combining these, DigitalOcean has granted over $20,000 to the Jenkins project.
The funding aspect is clear, but there are several other benefits to working with DigitalOcean in this capacity.
Jenkins has access to more resources than ever before, such as utilizing the DigitalOcean platform to continue development and share progress made.
We can dedicate our time and resources more fully, allowing users to engage and make an impact.

This sponsorship also increases the impact that we can have as a community, when it comes to ongoing projects and events like Hacktoberfest, which DigitalOcean organizes and hosts.
DigitalOcean is proving their commitment to open source, which matches our desire to improve Jenkins in any way and by any means.

If you are new to DigitalOcean and would like to learn more, use our promo code DOJENKINS100 to get $100 credit to use over your first 60 days (only valid for new accounts).

Originally posted on Jenkins Blog
Author: kmartens27

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