2021 Jenkins Board and Officer Elections Results

Jenkins Elections

The Jenkins community has recently completed the 2021 elections.
On behalf of the Jenkins community and the elections committee,
we congratulate all newly elected board members and officers!
We also thank all candidates and voters who participated this year.

Election results:

The board positions and officer roles are an essential part of Jenkins’ community governance and well-being,
and we are excited to see contributors taking these roles.

The board continues to require that no single company may have a majority on the Jenkins governance board.
Oleg Nenashev is employed by Dynatrace, while Mark is employed by CloudBees.

Governance Board election details

This year we had three candidates participating in Jenkins Governance Board elections:
Mark Waite, Oleg Nenashev (returning), and Ullrich Hafner (returning)
All of them are awesome community leaders who actively contribute to the Jenkins project and represent its users.
It would be an honor to have them on the Jenkins board.
Regardless of the election results, we appreciate their participation and the time they invested in these elections.

This year we were electing 2 governance board members.
We were using the Condorcet Internet Voting Service that allows voters to rank their choices rather than just picking their one favorite choice.
You can find full voting results here:

  1. Mark Waite (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)

  2. Oleg Nenashev loses to Mark Waite by 37–22

  3. Ullrich Hafner loses to Mark Waite by 42–14, loses to Oleg Nenashev by 37–15

Congratulations to the returning Oleg, and the newly elected Mark, and thanks to Ullrich for his past contributions.
All new board members are elected for a 2-year term unless they decide to step down earlier.
The estimated end of the term for them is December 02, 2022.

Officer election details

All 5 officer positions were up for election this year.
These roles have a 1-year term, with the estimated end of term on Dec 02, 2022.
After the initial review of nominations and confirmations with potential candidates,
4 officer positions were uncontested:

Thanks to all Jenkins officers for their continued leadership!
Officers take responsibility for many day-to-day processes in the Jenkins community and lead the contributor teams working on them.
It requires significant time commitment, and it is not taken for granted.


This year we had 81 registered voters and around 59 actual votes.


The Jenkins project plans to conduct elections every year.
We appreciate and welcome feedback regarding the election process so that we can improve the process.
We have started a Retrospective document for these elections.
Everyone can suggest changes in this document, and we will integrate them.

If you have any private feedback you would like to share,
please send an email to the Jenkins Board.
If you would like to raise any issues about the election process,
please contact one of the elected Governance Board members.

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