What is a Cloud Native Business? Learnings From DigitalOcean’s SMB Cloud Report


About the Talk

DigitalOcean presents results from a global study that dives into how businesses of all sizes use cloud services, their pain points, and how cloud-native businesses are distinct from other companies.

What You’ll Learn

  • How SMBs are using cloud services
  • How many businesses identify themselves as being could native, and what that means to them
  • How businesses are using multi-cloud solutions

This Talk Is Designed For

Business owners, developers, and anyone interested in learning more about the needs of startups and SMBs around the globe.



Currents research report, November 2021

About the Presenter

Roxie Elliott is the Director of Content Marketing at DigitalOcean, where she oversees the DigitalOcean blog and produces content for a wide audience. She has extensive experience in content marketing at early and mid-stage startups, including those in the cloud computing and market research spaces, and is passionate about combining storytelling with data-driven insights.

Originally posted on DigitalOcean Community Tutorials
Author: Roxie Elliott

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