Operations Channel at AnsibleFest 2020

AnsibleFest 2020 is right around the corner and we could not be more excited. This year we have some great content in each of our channels. Here is a preview of what attendees can expect from the Operations channel at AnsibleFest.


Operations Channel

This channel will take Operators on an automation journey through the Technical Operations lifecycle and how The Ansible Automation Platform is the center of your automation goals. Learn how to get your automation moving with Certified Content Collections, then scale out with execution environments and tune the performance. Once you are running at scale we have tools to show you what teams are using automation and how much it is saving you with some real world examples and by using Analytics. 

You should be leaving with some great examples and walkthroughs on infrastructure automation, from  operating systems to public cloud and how you can leverage Ansible Automation Platform to foster cross-functional team collaboration and empower your whole organization with automation they need.

There will be something for everyone. You’ll get to hear from customers, Red Hatters and our partners. Also pick up some tips for your server deployments, performance and cluster management. 


Operation Channel Highlights

  • Running of the Automation – Dylan Silva
  • How to introduce automation to your colleagues in IT Security (and what’s in for you) – Massimo Ferrari
  • Performance Tuning Ansible Tower – Scale Up vs. Scale Out – Chase Hoffman; Matthew Jones | Red Hat


What’s Next?

  • Register today for the AnsibleFest 2020 virtual experience
  • Check out the session catalog to see what sessions to expect at the event

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